Exhibition at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan


Where do I even start? Maybe with the last day when Saicho Howoldt-Nagai, the representative of the arts & culture department from the german embassy @germanyinjapan showed up at my exhibition. The inspiration to invite write an email to the embassy was inspired by Sarka ( @inspiromat_ ) english teacher and was passed onto @kurtstimmeder and I.

Here is a photo of Saicho-San and I

Funny story! I already took my #paintings down a day prior to his visit and booked my busticket to Mt. Fuji. I am happy I changed my plans and brought my artworks back the very next day! In the meantime I had painted some universes and thank to other artists packing their works to continue their travel I had a free wall next to my previous two artworks.

So @a23nectar and I took a minute and arranged the small pieces on the free wall. I love the freedom life gifts me.

Of course there is a lot of people to thank as well. My gratitude will be expressed in the comments.

After applying to exhibit with @artnumber23 I wasn't sure if I am personally going to attend the exhibition. Hella glad I did ⚡️

Events, especially involving artists always draws the most interesting people together. The meetings were really divine and it was so good to share about our personal path, spiritually and professionally.

Gotta put you in here somewhere @kurtstimmeder ! You are great! Never forget and take time to relax hahah 🤍 this guy is always in the right place at the right time 😉


I also love to challenge myself that why I came to Japan "empty handed", well not exactly tho. Equipped with paint, canvas and stretchers. With my arrival on the 2nd of June and spending the first night in a Hostel 1 1/2h from my Couchsurfing place I didn't have much time with the exhibition starting on the 7th and the delivery date for the works until 2pm on the 5th.

What a blast! After I had painted a huuuge 210x55cm painting at a beautiful "abandoned" shrine to tune into the energy I realised that this piece might be too big ☺️ but something needed to come through before.

My intention for the first painting which I will post later on was to "Open the Gates"

Opening an energetic portal for new energies to come in, transforming the old & stagnant ones.

Before painting, I cleansed the shrine, connected with it.  A beautiful praying mantis showed up - powerful symbolism don't you think?


After painting for hours and receiving the blessings of many many mosquitoes 🦟 it was time for me to move. My painting wanted to stay and dry.


I knew this piece wasn't gonna hang in the exhibition. So I build two 50x60 canvas and started painting. While at it I received inspiration to start painting differently than before, I even used brushes ☺️ remembering my earlier days when I would proudly say "I don't use brushes" 😂

I also integrated some Kanji - japanese symbols into one of the paintings. The meaning is Growth, Growing up, Maturing.

A beautiful reflection of our world and my personal journey


Long story short hahah, I spent all night painting and arrived at @designfestagallery with my paintings - still wet - just the way I love it after a good challenge 🐯

... the End

I could continue but I feel it's already such a crazy story. And more will come as I received an amazing opportunity from @designfestagallery

For now I am on the way to Mount Fuji 🗻 to spent time in nature. A much needed break from big city life which was actually not to overwhelming.


Thanks for reading 🙌🏼

📸 @inspiromat_