Start of a (R)evolution 

Dominic Klassen Revolution 222 Malerei Painting Abstract

Right now we are in the midst of R(evo)lution! We are shifting from the old outdated paradigm into a new yet unknown new paradigm. Some call it New Era others call it New Earth - it's a world that is quiet difficult to fathom especially if you are not a romanticising dreamer. As an artist I spent a lot of time in contemplation, researching, dreaming and creating. Not only creating art but new ways of being which will revolutionise the way we act and interact in and outside of society.
Life as we know it is just one possible reality of many and as science and many years of research shows the is power in believe. What ever we believe essentially creates our reality and as we become to realise how life works and that thoughts manifestation into matter, we become aware that if we want a different kind of life we have to look at our believe system and be open for change. There is just no way around it.

The R(evo)lution that is happening is not of flesh and blood, it does not need violence nor force - its a process that starts from within, expands through our cells and is at some point reflected on the outside.

I would love for you to join the Revolution and start your best life yet.

Dominic Klassen Angel 222 Malerei Painting Abstract


It is being said that even before birth we have been assigned at least one Angel that will help, protect and guide us throughout our lifetime.

They are always happy and open for you to open a conversation and ask for help. Sometimes they even show up in physical form.

Have you met your personal Angel?


Seeds 222
80x120cm (Oil on Metaldoor) 

Dominic Klassen Seeds 222 Malerei Painting Abstract