When I first started painting in Australia in early 2016, I had no idea what it would look like. So I grabbed a canvas, a few oil paints and just started to paint.

The question of what I paint with did not occur to me, quickly a deck of cards was opened and I began to distribute the paint I have previously generously pressed from the tube on the painting surface. Old business cards and card games were from now on my spatula and mold tool. Paint scraps and putty were transformed into works.

Meanwhile "small art" fills a large part of my creative phases.

The beauty of small art is that it fits in any wallet. It can be taken anywhere, enjoy, give away or even frame. My works serve as an energetic resting place, just when you long for deceleration for in between.

All Frequencies works are in business card size

The Frequencies pictures can be ordered as original and as print.
To do so, please contact me by phone or email. (both can be found on the contact page)

The Frequencies series now counts over 300 works.