I struggled with depression for 20 years until I found a way out of it through art and intense daily positive thought restructuring. It's a tough physical and mental battle and I know many people feel the same way. And no matter how big/small your problems seem to be, that you are still alive is a testament to inner strength. Often you may not admit it to yourself, but shame is not something you should be ashamed of in this destructive and demanding media society. You alone are enough and don't have to fit into any social pigeonhole.

To get to the point where we realize that we are too big for this societal pigeonhole and are worth much more than the small, perfect image the media wants to push us into. We don't need to just function, we need freedom to evolve and express ourselves.

My intention behind art is healing. By creating and traveling, I have the opportunity to reach large crowds and also have beautiful encounters with individuals.

I would like to work in the field of art with various institutions such as the community psychiatric center in Detmold and worldwide and also offer painting courses. Sadly, there are currently hanging pictures of animals in Africa, which seem to be better off than the one who has to stay there.

Where is there the freedom to change positively?
WHERE please does this have a healing effect?

Do you want to help to change something? Then please help me to reach one of my goals! Through your support (even if it is only by liking my page and sharing it with other people) something will change and I believe in it! I give all my strength and power to achieve the goal.