Painting with Intention

In Energetic Painting, the focus was on connecting with one's emotions and giving them expression. Many of us feel unable to put emotions into words or express them in any other way. Of course, everyone's emotions are different - Everyone knows the feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, despair.

Over time, these can override our happy-feelings. If we do not recognise and release these feelings, so-called energy blockages form in the body. These energy blockages can have a negative effect on the body in the form of illnesses and complaints. They can be the trigger for ailments such as knee problems, stomach pain, depression and even cancer.
Since we often classify these feelings as negative, we try to suppress them. Everyone has these feelings and deals with them differently - so that we do not let our "negative" emotions run amok and project them onto others, there are different methods to deal with them, but there is no way around noticing them, feeling them and creating a space to let go/process them.

Energetic painting is a combination of intention, meditation and projection and reaches unlimited depths by combining elements such as cleansing, crystals, and dance & trance.

First, the energetic field of the painting place, for example, through the incense of sage or Palo Santo or other incense is cleaned. Depending on the intention / feeling it is useful to bring in other incense during the session. After the incense you go into a state of meditation - this gives the body and the mind the opportunity to come to rest, pause and reflect on what issues you want to deal with.

Connecting with your mind and blocking out external influences is a matter of practice - for some this is a quick process and for others it takes a little longer.

After you have come to rest you set an intention - this is either a feeling you want to deal with or a wish you want to make.

It is ok if no clear thought is taken! We live in a time where we are bombarded with information on the daily. Our subconscious knows exactly which topic is the turn and sometimes there are also many topics that try to come to the surface during a painting session.

How deep each participant goes depends on how much time and how much concentration / energy you or he can flow into the workflow.

The theme(s) will be noted on the painting surface with the help of a pen before beginning.

As already said, the subconscious mind wants to bring things into your consciousness, so in the course of the process, another theme can open up. These are usually interconnected and make sense in the grand scheme of things.

With the help of music an atmosphere is created in which you can let go. Transcendent or ambient music is recommended for this purpose. Recommended are well-mixed remixes where you don't notice a change from one track to the next - so that the flow is not disturbed and the thoughts are not scattered unnecessarily.

The combination of atmosphere, music and movement facilitate the flow and allow with or without movement a transcendent state in which one can connect more deeply with oneself and the subconscious.

In this protected space we have created in the beginning there is no right or wrong, no criticism or evaluation.

Free choice of colours and free choice of tools - it is allowed to paint with everything that is available.

At the end of the session you thank yourself - for taking the time to feel, to spend time with yourself and to get to know yourself a bit better.