About Me & CV

Dominic Klassen, born 1990 in Detmold and mostly grown up. A young visionary who is steadily progressing in his evolutionary path and inspires people to think visionary, as well as act.
At the end of 2015, he began to paint without any prior knowledge with oil paints and an old business card as a spatula. He quickly realised that the colours and depth associated with it is a kind of liberation and peace for him. A place of rest but also a place of total exhaustion, because often the painting trips* last several hours. Quite intuitively, he began to combine painting with a kind of meditation.
In this he found an access to the universe) God energy, his subconscious and the emotions hidden there, which he now makes visible in various ways.
Social commitment and nature-conscious life are very important to him. This is reflected in projects such as art against cancer, energetic painting, an art project in the Hambacher Forest and other projects.

In 2018, he opened a pop-up gallery in the Mittelstraße in Lemgo and curates three young artists to present their works.
Full of energy and determination, he gets involved in new and often unexplored life situations.

October 2020 he began his art studies at the HBK. The authorization to study there he got after recognition of special artistic ability. Shortly after he stopped studying because a free frame and movement was more important to him, especially in the Covid times.
With the establishment of his fashion label, his creative expression and sense of environmental awareness expanded.

He is also interested in art related to energy work, consciousness expansion, indigenous medicine and "spiritual" practices.






Abstract - Brick Lane Gallery, London - England


Bimbache Art Solo Exhibition with Performance Art by Beljana Namoari Metje & Music by Torsten de Winkel - Bimbache openArt, El Hierro Canary Islands


Spectrum II - Group Exhibition, former Medical Center, Detmold Open Exhibition - Abstract Paintings, Hospital, Detmold


Open Atelier - transformation of a house into a Gallery space, Detmold

Open Atelier - Group Exhibition with multidisciplinary Artists, Schloss Brake

Neue Werke - Cafe im Grünen im Naturfreundehaus, Veldrom

EYES - Photographic Exhibition. Portraits of Ethiopia taken during Koshe Photographic journey Stückweise Unverpackt, Detmold


Sicht-Weise Solo Exhibition - Foyer Klinikum Lippe, Detmold

esskizziert Group Exhibition with Espassiert label, Hamburg

„Sapperlot“ Group Exhibition, Freikunstkultur collective Vienna

CreativHaus, Steinheim

Kunstmauer, Blomberg

Abstrakte Werke Station 4c, Hospital Detmold

E(h)rgebung Series, Stückweise Unverpackt, Detmold


Pop-Up Gallery and curation of 3 artists, Lemgo

International Short film Festival, Detmold

Abstraktion, Hospital Detmold


Hamburg zeigt Kunst - bizco + emily, Hamburg

Offenhaus-Live,online Exhibition

Emotionen in Abstrakter Form, Grabe Café Detmold


I am Y Group Exhibition - collective Hexaschwarz, Karoline Hamburg

Open Van Gallery Byron Bay, Australia


EYES Photographic Exhibition - portraits of Ethiopia taken during Koshe

Photographic journey
Hospital Detmold



2014 - 2015

Head of Arts & Media, Core Artist Management,Hamburg

Product Photographer Studio Marfa, Hamburg

Product Photographer Bastian Austermann, Hamburg

2013 - 2014

Arts & Media assistant Core Artist Management, Hamburg 2012 - 2013

Photographic assistance Tino Criso Hamburg 2013

Still Photographer for short-film Auflösung, Hamburg 2010

Intensive studies Theology and Photography - University of the Nations, Herrnhut


Highschool Diploma - Abbotsford, Canada



Summer-Atelier - multidisciplinary art workshop for kids with Lippe im Wandel association focus on upcycling and nature art, Veldrom


Schulen für die Welt Art-auction, Detmold 2018

Live Painting MLOVE Festival, Hamburg
Open Painting Session Hambacher Forst bringing awareness to environmental injustice

Organisation of Open Painting Session Waldfrieden Wonderland, Stemwede


Art against Cancer Series of interventions in the city Live painting during open stage event, Detmold

Curation of painting workshop Energetic Painting & organisation of Open Painting Session Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival, Stemwede


Koshe Photographic journey

Organisation of several projects with the local people with a focus on street kids and teenage women to help improving living conditions and end extreme poverty in the nation. Examples of activities : photography, cooking, sewing, teaching English & Maths, etc. Ethiopia

Images taken during this time were exhibited in 2012 at „EYES" exhibition in Detmold


Honorary staff Youth With A Mission, Herrnhut



Rolling Papers design collaboration with getpraise Collective, Hamburg https://getpraise.de/products/praise-x-dominik

Custom Bike Design - Collaboration with Benjamin Paul, Lemgo


Founding of KS Fashion-label Creation, Design & Marketing, Detmold Upcycling series collaboration with ABC Guitars

Design for custom Guitar Collection using upcycling materials, Detmold


Personal assistant for Robyn TeVelde

Photographer, Modelcoach, Event-Planing, Music and Film Illawaras Next Topmodel, Wollongong Australia



Rooted for Peatsmoke Journal Artwork collaboration with Poetry by Melissa Darcey https://www.peatsmokejournal.com/fall2021fiction/melissa-darcey


Interview for Die Kultur Reporter Kanal21, Bielefeld www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUSrjVaehQk

Sommer Atelier with Lippe im Wandel - Lippische Landeszeitung Detmold 2018

Pop-Up Galerie Lemgo Design - Lippische Landeszeitung Detmold https://www.lz.de/22290639


Emotionen in Abstrakter Form - Lippische Landeszeitung Detmold


Showcase of selected photographs for Pick a Pocket artist collective - MOTA Magazine