Support My Vision

My Vision is quite simple. Be me fully and unapologetically - and learn to be gentle with people and situations, rather than judgemental. See the bigger picture, learn and evolve with the circumstances.

I just love creating, organizing and making sense of things.

Just writting about it makes me question if thats the "right" thing. As I am questioning my life "mission" it seems clear that I have a talent for organizing & creating spaces. And that's exactly what I want to step into.

Sometimes I organize, clean nature, recycling materials I found while cleaning nature. I see beauty and value almost all things. That's why I love "trash". One persons trash is another persons treasure. Just gotta realize it's value.

Organizing and cleaning spaces I visit in a way that's beneficial for the environment; either in a collective or communal sense eg. structure in a community, trashy places in nature hold a lot of value as well as learning possibilities. I get surprised by what people consider trash and what things are being put in landfills, bushes etc. You could probably build a whole house with the materials.

Create, organize, clean, recycle and reuse - without expectation. (that's the challenging part)

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